Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just this one moment I ask this from you,

Just this one moment I ask this from you,
just one more time to show you my love is true.

I will set aside all the word of anger you have said,

just grant me this last place in time before I am dead.

I will not proclaim the hate I feel inside,

let me hold you close and have you be at my side.

You left me when I needed you the most.

In tears I begged you to come just this one last time,

forget your hate and I will forgive your crime.

Take my hand like you have done before,

see into my dieing eyes and see into my heart’s core.

I have loved no other like I have ever loved you,

now life has set its stage for me and I know what I must do.

My body crumbles and my spirit can now be laid to rest,

for lover, friend and mate you are the very best.

I close my eyes and whisper these last words to you,

for I have and will always love you.

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